America is about to be dismantled!

Most of the cabinet level appointees in Donald Trumps government are head of departments they wished or intend on eliminating or decimating.  It’s nothing less than frightening that the government … Continue reading

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The Funny Truth


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You’re kidding . . . Right ?

How hard can not putting any make up on be?  Oh I get it, you need make up to achieve the no make up look, hmmm. This isn’t the first … Continue reading

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Writing = Happiness

it’s  true!

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It looks fake but it was a really unreal sunset. 

   Salt Lake Spectacular !

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It’s not mine !

I sure the hell wish it was !

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Morrow Bay

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Ceviche anyone?


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Some laws I just dont get …

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The Astounding Truth – Karma is True

Karma is true, the proof I found today rocked my world and reaffirms what I have quietly known for years. From the picture above these facts are true about what … Continue reading

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