Hello and Surprise, I wrote something !

Welcome to my blog,  i’m flattered that you stopped by for a visit.  How about we get acquainted, my name is James and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I will write freqently about SLC and its unique character that simultaneously fascinates and irritates.  I work at a restaurant, posing as the Assistant General Manager and Coporate salesman. The restaurant has a storied and seemly past, so I fit right in.   My daughter is 10 years old, she gets straight A s in school – a feat I never accomplished ever!   I have some fascinating women in my life, but this is a subject for later posts.  The springtime of my life had come and gone, but recently returned in the most surprising and astounding manner.  I have been underestimated my entire life, the rewards of surprising others always satisfies.  I hope to never again live as if I am on a one way trip to nowhere and nothing.  When you are a recovering addict/alcoholic meaningful living is plenty but fun is rare, a fact I lived with  until recently and vow – never again.  I promise to thoughtfully and impulsively surprise!


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