Running to paralysis

photoI am sitting here on my couch, writing and writhing in pain from my new running program. Running and pain seem like they would go together but I have a case of the most acute paralysis ever. How did this happen, was it really my stupidity, my ego or just a bad case of luck?

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to go running/walking with her late one gorgeous night. We had a great time together enjoying the night, the air and each others company. My friend is in the best physical shape of anyone I have ever met, she suggested the idea of starting to run together. I couldn’t help thinking about what all this could mean to my health, psyche and peace of mind. Plus spending more time with her would be icing on the cake, of course I said yes to running together despite never having run anywhere but from the cops or bill collectors.

It all started so simply and easily I could never have foreseen the calamity ahead. After our initial walk/run I decided to see if I could actually run further than 100 yards, to my surprise I lasted the 2 mile route nonstop. I am nearly 50 years old, therefore completing this run was an unexpected accomplishment and gave me a false sense of invincibility. On subsequent runs I was able to run up to 3 miles and felt awesome and ready to put some money into equipment for my newfound passion. I found a pair of New Balance shoes at a big discount at DSW (a foreboding sign) and purchased them happily. I walked through my condo complex with them and it all felt great, I was ready for my next run.

Our run turned out to be an overcast morning and we agreed to meet about a mile from both of our
homes, right in the middle. Less than five minutes after leaving my house it started to snow very lightly, this would have little effect on our run unless it turned into a blizzard. With my new shoes and shirt I felt and looked great cruising down the deadest street in our neighbohood, not even a dog barked as I ran. This blissful time lasted just a few minutes, and then my heel started to hurt. At first it was every couple of steps, shortly thereafter it was becoming painful every step and soon the pain graduated into small lightning bolts in my foot. All this is taking place before I have even
met up with my friend to “start” our run, no way was I going to let this little nagging stop me from
displaying my endurance and form. If I had stopped here and walked to our meeting place, and walked the rest of the day, this post would be about the giant Chicken I dreamed of last night. Once we met up we ran for a mile until I admitted having a heel/shoe problem, so we walked for a short while and then ran for another mile, and then the same walk/run scenario. It all seemed great once we were done, I expected my heel to magically repair itself or be much less irritating when walking.

Then I went to work, a large restaurant with many stairs and worked a ten hour shift in what I could only describe as unbearable pain, lame looking limping around and a sad story of how my healthy running program had nearly paralyzed me. The next day (today) I made an appointment with the doctor and on the way to my car stepped off the curb and felt a lightning bolt run through my heel and my entire leg. I called in to work and got the night off. The Dr. agreed that pain management was important, not only did I get Tramadol but Lohrtabs and after being told not to take them together, I feel much better after ingesting one of each.

This leaves me in the wake of my character defects, pondering which one of them was mostly responsible for my-not-nearly-as-bad-as-I-make-it-out-to-be predicament. Im going to rule out stupidity, although its partially responsible. Stubborn comes to mind as also partially responsible. More than anything my biggest weakness is the fact that I am overly proud and always want to impress people around me that I care about. My friend is such an amazing yet mysterious person I feel nearly inadequate in mystery and totally lacking in the amazing category. Just to keep up with her elicits my best character traits and only rarely brings out the worst. She has pushed me to be better in so many ways, I think this whole injury must be a mysterious lesson. When she subtly pushes me I do great things, when I push me it can turn to shit and fast, although today its a blissfully sedate piece of shit.


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