Clean and Organized

tn-2Quick, name two words that do not describe my home.

I have been staring at the mess on my front room table now for at least a month, mentally and now physically blocked from doing anything about this ugly mess.  It started to stare back at me in a strange, poltergeist sort of way, I remain unmoved to clean it.

Its a classic case of clutter with junk mail, girl scout cookies, bagels and plastic store bags.

A month ago it was nearly the same mess on a much smaller scale, I pruned the edges and kept it trimmed and manageable.  Then indifference set in, a mental wall blocking all my organizational coping skills which are minimal at best.  I had hoped at this point in my life to be partnered up with someone who could guide me to an organized panacea.  Alone I can do little now as the mess multiplies and frustration deepens.  I smirk as I walk by, barely able to cast a glance at its unforgiving expanse.

What the hell is wrong with me?   An old friend of mine asked me if I experienced “psychological inertia” with my employees at work – referring to their lengthy tenures and my relative newcomer status as manager.  I was shocked to have never heard of this term

Yet I appeared to have the main characteristics – being stuck in a habit that prevented any change in behavior.  Had my subconscious imposed restrictions on thinking a little progress was better than none at all, do I really think I have to clean the entire thing up at once.  Perhaps I am disguising laziness in an impressive term?  Thats it, I am a lazy ass!  A sophisticated one too.

Enough, tomorrow I will start on a daily program of cleaning more than I clutter and within a week, all should look spic n span.


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