Easter was a drag.


I had the worst Easter ever last week, only now can I begin to write about it what a huge fuckin drag it was.

My two heel tendinitis was at full strength, at times I was nearly unable
to walk. When I could walk it was face contorting pain. As if this weren’t enough, consider that I also worked that day!

I am a fine dining restaurant Manager.
Can you imagine hobbling up to a table to ask how their dining experience has been, with a pained scowl on your face.
I could barely comprehend the answers, and the first complaint I got nearly made me laugh. I forgot to mention that this was the busiest day in more than a year.

The staff was quick and efficient, which is not always the case. The power stayed at full strength and the micros kept up with the workload. A failure of any of these would have led to my hospitalization.

Hour after torturous hour crept along at a snails pace. The pain had me thinking homicidal thoughts even though all was operating smoothly. I avoided the kitchen, to be far away from knives and cheese graters.

Pain pills and patience ran out before the shift ended. I could barely walk, having grown Kankles and a dizzying headache. Seven hours after the shift started, I left for home.


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