Do you complain or let it slide?

Why do I avoid complaining and my friend Kasi, lets nothing short of perfection get by?

When I was young, my father was an alcoholic and loved any opportunity to verbally spar with those unfortunate enough to have served us or interacted with our family in any capacity.  Sometimes this led to unbearable and frightening scenes to me as a child.

I remember dad telling the movie theater manager that we were going to “burn the place down” because they did not accept checks.  These confrontations led me to be a “don’t cause a scene and let it slide” person.  Have I lowered my standards and expectations?

Perhaps I am done accepting substandard service or products, in favor of the gentle yet forceful complaint.


Kasi is nothing like me, she makes a challenge of getting her order correct every time we go out to eat. There are substitutions and deletions on every dinner order, yet no one can seem to get it quite right, then promptly sends it back to be redone.  Many times the “redone” order comes out wrong also, again it is sent back.  The first time this happened I was aghast. Then I became used to it and now expect it, every order has to be 100% correct.  Never would I normally send anything back, unless it was inedible or cold. A complaint rests on the tip of my tongue, can I do it?  






2 comments on “Do you complain or let it slide?

  1. B

    Will the complaint help you? Will anything be accomplished from it? Sure, maybe your friend’s order will be more enjoyable for her, but was it really worth all the food that I’m sure was wasted and all the time taken away from the staff? Where do you complaints really ever get you, anyway? If something is really wrong and worth a complaint, perhaps you could go about it as a discussion. Maybe it was a miscommunication of sorts. Maybe that waitress was having an emergency and couldn’t think clearly. Maybe the cook is foreign and can’t read English well. Or if it is something that truly does need to be worked out, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a complaint. There are many ways of getting your point across without complaining. It sounds like your friends standards are pretty high. If you think about it, life must get disappointing quite often with such expectations, when we are a hell of a lot luckier to be here than we are usually grateful for. I try to imagine what it would be like on the other side, in a compassionate and understanding way, before I make a decision either way.
    That’s my lengthy and unasked for opinion 🙂

    • jables1234

      We are on the same page with complaints, I am always understanding and compassionate which belies the real reason I never complain.
      If my goal is trying something new or to be different, complaining is probably not a good place to start. Good call.

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