The Reverse Midas Touch

The Reverse Midas Touch (RMT) I had last month is starting to evaporate, thank god. According to me, the Reverse Midas Touch is when everything you touch turns from gold to shit. I was so perplexed last month with this phenomenon that writing became nearly impossible, and my RMT post kept getting worse and worse as you might expect. I gave up on it. I gave up on writing. The worst is over and I am back!

April was a horrible month for me, there were many signs I had RMT most of which I ignored.
My relationship with Kasi was dwindling down to nothing, both of us at fault for this. It’s hard enough to work next to someone you are in a relationship with, let alone be their boss. I am in recovery for many years now and she has a secret side to her I can not figure out, but I can tell it’s something I should not be near. We love each other and it was a relief yet hurtful when she finally called us officially over as a mutual love interest. We are still friends, and flirt at work but the fun is gone.

As a professional procrastinator, I waited right up until April 15th to file my taxes. Knowing you might have to pay taxes is scary, knowing you owe a lot is terrifying and justifies a filing delay right up to the last minute. My ex-wife asked me if she could claim our daughter for a second year in a row, and since everything is going so well, I said why not. This decision turns a $1500 refund into a $2000 tax bill. It’s better to have the IRS on my back than my ex-wife, but this turn will affect me financially for at least a year.

My Achilles tendonitis carried on through the first part of April, draining my checking account of funds for visits to the doctor, pain pills and unnecessary tests of my blood. Plus I look like an idiot when I manage a fine dining restaurant with a profound limp/gimp walk. Towards the end of the month the tendonitis went away and life was much better.

In hindsight, nothing was really made of gold in the first place so having everything turn into shit was probably destiny. Settling for silver may have to do for now, when I reach for gold you know what happens.


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