I’m not eating tonight

I have spent so much time this weekend pursuing the great meal, tonight I must go without.

Eating is sometimes about excess,
when something simple and small just wont do. Friday night had to be Wendy’s because nothing at home was as easy as buying a simple chicken sandwich.

Excess is easy but not cheap. The world has created demand for an expensive, pre packaged life. While Wendy’s is not high class, it doubled or tripled the cost of Friday night dinner. A saving of five minutes and sparing the use of exhausted brain cells made it worthwhile.

Enter my 10 year old daughter. We went shopping for dinner saturday night. It started as a game of buying ingredients for each others dinner for a modest $8, now just a few weeks later we have both abandoned any control on costs and spent almost $30. What happened to the point of our game? Excess. Careless excess.

One thing I have learned about excess, it keeps going and gets bigger and bigger. That’s how this whole game started in the first place, lack of money and need for control.
With a little more money in hand, all constraint has been abandoned. I’m not eating tonight!



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