We’re missing each other, literally.

Hey lover, we keep missing each other. I look everywhere for you, with no luck. I’m not sure what you look like or what your name is, but I search on. Sometimes I think we are about to meet and you walk away before I can say “hi”.

What if we did meet. Everything would be great at first but then my fears would pop up and kick our relationships ass. Fear of intimacy, loss of autonomy and my history of treating relationships as disposable would creep up on us. I suck at relationships.

I’m still going to look for you, I want to meet you and I want to change.


4 comments on “We’re missing each other, literally.

  1. Sansan

    Hmm…I don’t know how to say it. But I found myself smiling when I read your post. I felt like you’re some kind of psychic who can read my mind. So, now I know…I am not alone when it comes to this issue of find the “you”. Good luck to you in your quest of finding the ‘you’. And good luck to myself too, since I am also in the same quest.

    • jables1234

      Best of luck to you, there are happy endings for both of us if we are persistent.

      • Sansan

        Thank you. By the way, your writing reminds me of the song “I Know Him By Heart” from Vonda Shepard. This song helps me in boosting up my mood when I am down.

      • jables1234

        Thank you, I am glad you like what I write. I’m going to give that song a listen also. Cheers!

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