Zip it !!!!

ImageSo my not so wonderful roommate moved out and besides not having to pay for her being an idiot freeloader, I have discovered another freedom gained from her departure – Silence ahhhh. I can think again, this could lead to more writing which would be awesome.

When she met me before she moved in there was always talk of how quietly she lived life and gentle her life would be. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact she was the exact opposite of quiet and contemplative. How I endured all those ridiculous stories and the get rich quick schemes while she was unemployed. These thoughtless ideas started out with a modeling agency using her as a plus size model to the most unlikely vision of her opening up a place where she could talk to addicts and recovering alcoholics. Modeling agencies cost the average person money unless you actually have model quality looks or are well connected. The mere thought of an Adderall addict running a counseling agency for addicts is hilarious, not to mention unreal. These talks she would have always ended up in me having to squirm my way down to my downstairs area with a lie about a fake task I needed to complete immediately. I am not the kind of person to tell someone to “shut the fuck up”, but I could become one if I ever meet anyone like her again.

The silence I am enjoying is also due to the fact that the TV is not on 24/7 any more. How can you watch TV all day long, day after day, without feeling brain dead or completely worthless. Hey that describes my old roommate! No Jack Ass watching TV upstairs = Quiet and Quiet is conducive to writing and writing = happiness.

Life is good again, and my tolerance for blatant stupidity is refueling but don’t be surprised if I ask you to “Zip It” if I run out of tolerance. I know you will understand.


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