The Gift



The gift of getting to know yourself, love yourself and know you are all you need is priceless.

My relationship ended after two years of good memories and plenty of fights, I am living alone again.  The thought was terrifying, and felt I had hung myself with another bad decision.  These decisions don’t kill you but cut off your air supply and make you second guess dizzy.  Many of these decisions were unconsciously made and recognizable only by the fury that erupted afterwards.

This time I trudged fearlessly into a path I knew would be painful but also beneficial and with a potentially awesome outcome.  Sure enough the initial results are in, I found me !  The person I am when i’m alone is much different than the needy, approval seeking person I become around a girlfriend.

When I left you I lost us, but found the person I needed more than anyone.  Me!


One comment on “The Gift

  1. Hope Turner

    Thanks for the company. Don’t be a stranger. Hugs, Hope

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