Through Hardship To The Stars


A little Latin phrase I hold close to my heart and head.  We often lose sight of the stars in the mist, cloud or tornado of our lives. Why do we allow this obscurity?  Is it an unconscious act or lack of action?  Can it be easily prevented?

The simple answer is we lose our vision when we are in pain, cause others pain and look away from the cause to seek instant relief.  When you ignore the roots of your problems, they continue to grow between you and your ability to understand pain and that’s when the stars become blurry.  When you fall into a pattern of avoidance the feeling of guilt and helplessness sets in quickly, desperation magnifies your perception of your problems.  Feeling this and seeing it has given me a unique perspective, but the revolving cycle can be broken and there is hope.

I have the most unique friend whom I love with all my heart, who has opened my eyes to unfathomable hardship and the stars that lie on the other side of pain.  The love and compassion she holds for the Earth and All Animals as well as other Human Beings has always been something I have known and admired about her, for more than 30 years now.  But the last few years have been very hard on her, the stars faded away from her sight with loss after mind boggling loss.  I have seen her cry more than anyone I have known in just 2 short years, it’s heart wrenching to see someone cry with regularity.  I didn’t know how to soothe her soul and did my best to keep my head up for her to be a beacon of hope.  Her path to healing can only be travelled alone with occasional guidance and friendly understanding.  She is on her pathway, and on a different path I have begun my journey, always her words of wisdom to accompany me.  Words I cherish today.

My stars are becoming visible and I feel near them more than at any time before in my life.  She is not far behind, although the times send tornadoes her way I think she is getting close to a peek at the stars that will warm her soul.  I am waiting for you near the stars!


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