The Astounding Truth – Karma is True


Karma is true, the proof I found today rocked my world and reaffirms what I have quietly known for years.

From the picture above these facts are true about what is shown:

I checked out the above book from the library and never returned it – now more than 10 years until I discovered it a couple

of days ago while going through some boxes.

When looking through the book I found a card from Public Storage tucked inside.

I rented a storage unit from Public Storage and failed to pay rent in my incapacitated (intoxicated) state of mind.

Public Storage sold everything I owned including family heirlooms and pictures, 40 years worth of living and collecting.

This caused me to nearly commit suicide, if I hadn’t had a daughter I doubt I would be here to write this.

The irony of finding the card inside the book made me realize something about Karma.  If I had returned that book, my rental fee would have been waived, covered or paid somehow. I am returning this book tomorrow and paying whatever fine is due!

Karma, its real!


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