Ceviche anyone?


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Some laws I just dont get …

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The Astounding Truth – Karma is True

Karma is true, the proof I found today rocked my world and reaffirms what I have quietly known for years. From the picture above these facts are true about what … Continue reading

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This is my life today…

  21 minutes left using an out of order dryer!  It took 3 minutes to discover it too. 

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Simple and Sweet

My 12 year old daughter is already a better cook than I am. No small feat as I have worked in the Restaurant Industry for 27 years but her food … Continue reading

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Through Hardship To The Stars

A little Latin phrase I hold close to my heart and head.  We often lose sight of the stars in the mist, cloud or tornado of our lives. Why do … Continue reading

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The Gift

  The gift of getting to know yourself, love yourself and know you are all you need is priceless. My relationship ended after two years of good memories and plenty of fights, … Continue reading

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